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Career paths for Python on Linux?


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I just wondered if Stef or other had general thoughts on career paths for Linux enthusiasts learning to code.  If I wound up doing something for Web Development, I tend to find the idea of doing more backend stuff more interesting.  

As for Linux, I just find it to be a work environment that I like.  I'm not be any means an expert on BASH, but with Google I've been able to refresh myself on syntax if I think I can do something faster with a quick script like appending a line to all files in a directory.  I also like all the options Linux has for distributions and desktop and quick access to software with package managers.  

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I think it is a good call. I really liked Python and I have been dealing a bit with Debian and Kali and like them well enough, just takes getting used to when you have always worked with Windows. Helps that the GUIs have improved since the first time I opened one.

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Very true and it seems like even KDE desktop has improved.  

I'm currently dual booting Windows 10 and a version of Arch Linux called Archmerge and the boot speed on my ASUS RoG laptop is crazy fast.  

I like having Linux for the Web and of course Python is bundled in with it.  I still mostly use Windows 10 for my PC gaming or certain media like Amazon Prime video streaming.  

For what it's worth, I have tried FreeBSD as well.  It can function okay on even very old computers, but the while it works the GUI seems very crude.  

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