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I'm Looking for Business and Web Site Tips


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I started my business, TJ Design back in August with the intent to make enough money for a second source of income. My main problem is that the area I live in is scarce on the business side. I have managed to raise a few eye brows after the word got out that I am $20+/hour cheaper the all the local competitors, and after I landed a gig for a local restaurant.

But I am looking for some advice on marketing a web design business and also any advice/tips that I can use towards my own web site.

So far I have posted a few fliers around town, dropped off business cards at some appropriate places, and joined the towns business association.


Here's my site.




My Flash experience is still in the beginner stage which is why I haven't thought of anything too animated.

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Take a look at some of the podcasts here:




And this might help a bit:




There is a business of web design section in this forum that might be of some use as well.

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