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  1. Ok, but/how does Word Press automatically add members to its log in? I would like it to be tied into the log in and registration forms on the clients web site. The log in/registration forms are MySql/PHP based.
  2. Hello, I am looking to implement a blog/forum for a clients web site. She wants a place for users (logged in users) to be able to view/post different ideas and comments. I have looked into programs such as Word Press and Drupal but need some direction. What I am looking for is a blog that would only allow users that are logged into her site, to view/post with in it. Also, if needed, the blog should be able to automatically add user account information once some one registers to the site, and should be able to pull up their information when they log in to the site. For clarification purposes, when i say "the site" I am not refering to the word press/drupal site, but the clients personal web site that I am creating.
  3. Fixed it. I feel like an idiot, but I realized that the table i was connecting to was labeled "member listing" when it should of been "memberlisting" (no space!) Once I renamed the table all is well!. Now I just have to figure out how to make a "Change Password" Form
  4. I have posted most of this issue in the PHP forum if you want to reference it: http://www.killersites.com/forums/topic/904/omg-some-one-help/ I am trying to create a simple Registration form and connecting to a MySql database at 1and1.com. I only have 1 table created in the database which stores, -First Name -Last Name -Email -Password But instead of it working, it displays "incorrect table name" after you submit. I am confused because there is only one table, and while using the "insert record" server behavoir, it shows that correct table that i want to use... If you want to see what I mean, check out http://www.polarisipm.com/register.php
  5. Ok, Got the Log IN script to work. What I did wrong was that I didn't select the log in button when I created the server behavoirs, instead I placed my cursur right after the table, so the code was not truely applied to anything. But, now the signup page is still display "incorrect table name". I used the "Insert Record" server behavior, and made sure I had the submit button selected properly. There is only 1 table in the database, so I know I selected the right one. Ugh...
  6. Sorry new at this, but the database i am connecting to is PHP. And in Dreamweaver, the files are PHP, and the testing server is setup up as a PHP connection, so I am not sure how or where I need to make the change from ASP to PHP. Argh lol.
  7. the 1and1.com package that i'm working with is Linux based. The code needs to be there, but the <% %> symbols should hide it from showing.
  8. oh and just an fyi. The database I am connecting to it stored on 1and1.com not on my computer locally.
  9. TJDesign


    I have been on the phone back and forth between Dreamweaver Tech and 1and1.com Tech support trying to fix this issue, and I am hoping u guys can help me as soon as possible. This is the issue: I am creating a simple login and signup page for the first time. According to what I see in dreamweaver they are successfully connected to a PhpMyadmin database that I created. There is only 1 table in the database that contains -First Name -Last Name -Email Address -Password Thats It. Seems like a pretty straightforward issue, nope. For starters check out this page to see my first big problem, this only happens if you use Firefox even though there are no browser compatiblity issues. http://www.polarisipm.com/members.php Then if you press the Log In button it displays Bad Request, and if you go to "click here to register" and sign the SIMPLE form and press submit, it says "Incorrect Table".... There is only 1 table..... and I can see it in dreamweaver, even though it has not data in it. its got the fields but nothing filled in them. PLEASE HELPP.
  10. Still got nothing.... Anyone else have any ideas?
  11. Well that didn't work. Still having the same issue connecting to the DB. I guess I can attempt to use MySQL instead, but it would be much easier to use Access to create my databases.
  12. That may be the issue. Bravent supports MySQL (I have a paid 5 year membership) but the database I am calling is an Access Database that I made myself. Although I did not include the database name in the connection string because I didnt think I needed to. I will try that when I get home, as well as look for an updated version of that tutorial. Thanks.
  13. I have Dreamweaver CS3 but am following the tutorial for Dreamweaver 8 because I have the book. But I dont think the version would have any effect in this area My sites I deal with, including my own, are hosted at bravenet.com there FTP information is ftp40.bravehost.com/web/(sitename)/ and thats it, so I include that into the connection string but it still fails.
  14. I am trying to learn how to make database driven web sites. I am starting off right in the beginning and have reached everything up to creating a Recordset(Query) When I go to define the connection, I type in tjdesigndb for the Connection Name and type the following for the connection string "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;data source=(ftp location to server which I have setup)" When I run a test it comes back saying that the URL is wrong although I have tried atleast 10 different variations of the URL, and the information under Testing Server corresponds to what I put in above. Still can't connect and was looking for some brainstorming. I need to get passed this step in order to continue on with the tutorial I am trying to use. -Travis
  15. Hey, I started my business, TJ Design back in August with the intent to make enough money for a second source of income. My main problem is that the area I live in is scarce on the business side. I have managed to raise a few eye brows after the word got out that I am $20+/hour cheaper the all the local competitors, and after I landed a gig for a local restaurant. But I am looking for some advice on marketing a web design business and also any advice/tips that I can use towards my own web site. So far I have posted a few fliers around town, dropped off business cards at some appropriate places, and joined the towns business association. Here's my site. http://www.tj-design.net My Flash experience is still in the beginner stage which is why I haven't thought of anything too animated.
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