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My first front website project.

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Hello Everyone,

I'm wrapping up Stef HTML/CSS course. It's been pretty good, but I want to build something  VERY small and build on top of my learning. I was going to build a very small web application. The web application is going to be no more than maybe 5 pages.(I'll add backend code and a database later.)  I'm going to have something where user input items. It's going to have text and very simple layouts based of the course information I got from Stef. Do you think this is a little ambitious? What should I also look out for since this is my first small project?  I look forward to your input.

Gregory Shavers Jr

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Not ambitious. Just power through it. 

Look for it to work! 

You will be amazed how much things clear up when you try to make code work in the real world. 

... Hmm, reminds me of my first fight! 

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