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OK, Update. I did install "It" and it is really just the next version of firefox, not a seperate browser as I had understood. So when you update from FF 56 to FF 57, you will have Quantum.

There are some new things right off the bat:

  • Book marks and Pocket are not in the address bar
  • If you are missing add-ons, there is now a seperate page for "Legacy Add-ons" where you will find them, it is just an addition on the add-ons page.

If you red the announcement I posted, there is a link to a speed test from Mozilla: https://mozilla.github.io/arewefastyet-speedometer/2.0/

In my testing, in all three tests I ran. Maxthon 5 Cloud Browser was the fastest, followed by Chrome and then Firefox Quantum.

That said, as it is an upgrade there may be legacy crap slowing it down. I may just remove firefox and reinstall quantum and run the tests again.


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