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Creating a new workflow takes time.

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In anything you do (coding, business, video etc) ... it's important to create a workflow. A good workflow will reduce errors, speed up the process, and it just makes it more fun!

In software, frameworks and libraries can be a key part of any developers workflow. With web frameworks like PHP Laravel, Python Django and Ruby on Rails, you have a workflow that is suggested if you will, by the structure of the framework. It makes sense to at least test them out to see if they will work for you. 

Upgrading my Canon 80D

After about a year or so of using the Canon 80d,  I recently decided to upgrade my video and sound. Now with the new camera and mic, I get far better results. But it took me a good 10hrs to figure out a workflow that worked with the new equipment.

... As I was working it out, I put out some video that was not super clean, and messed up the sound a little on one or two. Part of the process. 





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