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What This Forum Will Eventually Offer The Dedicated Reader


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What is planned:

This is to give you an idea about some of the upcoming subjects I know about already as well as to remind me what to write about. If it is cryptic… aren’t you curious? Feel free to vote what to see next, I will likely write the easier stuff first that I can do off my head.


  • Are there Firefox Plugins that can help me secure myself?
  • What software can I use to secure my computer?
  • So, this cyber stuff is interesting, Is there a career in it?
  • What OS would be the most secure?
  • Ways to make and remember Strong Passwords
  • What is a strong Password?
  • How am I supposed to keep track of all my passwords? (Password managers)
  • What NOT to do creating Passwords
  • Why are Live OSs useful?
  • What use are Virtual Machines for security?
  • Any Links you would suggest too read more?
  • I want to learn more than you are teaching (Training and certification links)
  • Cyber what? Cyberwar, Cyberterrorism, Cybercrime, Cyberunit, Cyberwarriors, Cyber Headache…
  • Crackers, hackers and now all these silly hats, who is who?
  • What is that Darkweb or Deepweb thing and can I get there?
  • You talk a lot (Ha! Just a test to see if you are really reading all this!)
  • What is Tor
  • What is *.onion?
  • Routers scare me (Routers are a week spot in your security)
  • I can customize my Router software? (How to strengthen your security)
  • IoT and the threat people do not think about (Internet of Things)
  • What happens in Russia/China can’t happen here (Cybersecurity and Politics)
  • They dropped the ball building the Internet like it is (Why the internet is so insecure)
  • If you don’t need it, lose it (Do not keep software and plugins you don’t need)
  • Cloud Browsing
  • Cloud storage
  • As a web designer, what can I do for site security?
  • Is Cyberwar a real thing?
  • Volunteer Possibilities (Cyberpatriot and Red Cross DST)
  • A target named Nobody (why the I am nobody defense is not a defense at all)
  • I know VPNs from work, but how would they help me?
  • Are Firefox Profiles really useful?
  • I am too busy to Update… are you too busy to pay a ransom?
  • I’m a Veteran, wish I would have learned this is the service (Veterans training support)
  • Is Ethical Hacker real and what are the rest of those abbreviations?
  • Is there a cybersecurity degree or something?
  • Is there a cyber threat in the real world?
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