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my flash video does not apapear on my website pls help help


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i have a website that i have uloaded via filezilla to my cpanel and when i opne the site up all apaeras except the video flash , it just leaves a blank space where the video should of gone, can anyone help me and tell me what needs to be done to correct the peoblem

thank u so much

the other question is when i type in the bussiness name www.webonlinedesigner.info the (index of/ appears. so i have had to create a under construction to not have problems

but when u type in www.webonlinedesigner.info/index.swf the site appaears whay is that, what needs to be changed FOR ME TO BE ABLE TO ONLY TYPE IN WWW.WEBONLINEDESIGNER.INFO AND and get the site to open up

thansk a millin


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