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It is a Java based scripting language to be used by programmers with Beatles haircuts or Goatees and listening to Bob Dylan or the Ventures...  :P


Actually it is a script language from Java that runs on the Java VM and can use Java Libraries etc. If you know Java there is an interesting article that takes a Java code and rewrites it step per step into a pure Groovy code and cuts it down in size by a good 3rd. It also makes some Java things easier to do. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/java/groovy-1695411.html


I just heard of it a week or so ago, it is used allot with Oracles Fusion Middleware ADF structure which we are starting to develop at work. I just can't use it yet as it is used for the newer 12c products and we are still on 11g, but I am looking into it for when we upgrade.


It is certainly easier than traditional Java and can do as much if not more. It is about like learning JavaScript, however can't be turned off and runs anywhere Java runs. However it is a script for applications, web applications etc, not really just to run web pages like JS. It would seem to be great for Java programmers, as well as flavors like Gthon (Groovy Python) etc.


I have just started reading about it the last two days, but it seems worth knowing about.

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