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stylesheet problem

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I had moved all my styles in www.ohka.org/index-new.html to a stylesheet file. It was the same styles I had before.

Before I start moving the rest of the files styles and linking to this stylesheet, I want to make sure it works.


But if you look at index-new.html on the website, it looks different than when I had the style in my index-new.html page.

Look at the other pages that I didn't link to the stylesheet yet.


What did I do wrong?

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You also have an xhtml closing slash in your code linking to the stylesheet - remove it.


And in a .css file, you do NOT need


Ben, he has * {margin: 0; padding: 0;} - that should take care of the body margin, right?

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I have done this

and this


.homePage ...{ style here }

.aboutPage ...{ style here }


I have done this because of some #right-column styles that are different.

I needed to do this with the h2 and h3 as well. But I noticed that I should not do .aboutPage h2 or .aboutPage h3 because the h2 and h3 in the about pages have the same style, so I added a class to it in the html and put into the base.css file. But it's not taking the style. What did I do wrong? Is it because I have a class in the body tag already?

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