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Validate Checkbox Separately


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I've spent a few week renewing my PHP for a form I use on my son's Web site. I'm pleased to say the form functions fine in every way, but I would prefer that the 'Accept privacy policy' checkbox (at the foot of the form), validates only after all the other validation has passed. Currently if any mistakes are made by the user when completing the form, the 'privacy' checkbox error tiles beneath any other errors, which is to be expected with the current script. I've been trying to figure out a function which will allow all the form fields to validate and only then would the 'privacy' field validation to kick in. I've spent hours trying to figure out a solution, but to no avail, though I'm sure there is one.

Any and all help will be VERY MUCH appreciated.


Very pleased to report that I've managed to solve the problem and the form now functions as desired.

Thank you! to the 69 who viewed the post and possibly considered a solution.

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