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positioning a jquery tooltip - pls help


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i want to use a jquery tooltip on my site but my problem is that i have two input fields side by side. This means that when i click into a field the position of the tooltip does not appear in the same place (x position) on the page as desired. It appears relative to the field because i have the following parameter.


// a little tweaking of the position

offset: [0, 165],


Ideally i would like to do away with using offset. Is there a parameter i can use like xposition, yposition, or xpos, ypos or something similar...basically i want the tooltip to appear at the same x value on the page regardless of the posion of the field. Is this even possible - im thinking could it be done using absolute values...?


Anyone know the solution or where i might find it?


Best Rgds

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Yep if you're using jTip plugin for jQuery then just put in your CSS:


#JT { position: fixed; top: 100px; left: 100px; } Can't really help without looking at any code.


EDIT: But the Javascript will probably override your CSS, so need to do some javascript hacking too i'm afraid.

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Here's one that might be worth a look based in jquery. If I understand your original example correctly, you'll want to look for the header "Customizing triggers" -- that should be the closest implementation of what you are wanting. I am sure this could be styled using CSS to look the way you want it to.



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