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#header h1 - margin top not cooperating

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This is downright embarrassing, but I cannot figure out what's going on here:




I am trying to move the h1 in the header down a bit - but every time I add a margin top to my #header h1 CSS, the ENTIRE header moves down - it's putting the margin to the #header, not just the #header h1. I know I'm a bit rusty, but this is ridiculous. I've checked everything and see nothing wrong.


#header h1 --- as far as I know, should ONLY affect the h1 inside my header div and NOTHING else. And strangely enough - adding margin-top to my #header h2 only affects the h2 inside the header and NOT the entire header...


and btw - this is a work in progress - I'm working on the formatting as we speak.



I've added padding-top and that works - but I'd still like to know what's going on with the margin-top.

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The #header div has a set height of 200px and giving the h1 too much margin-top will force the h1 margin above the overall height allowed for the #header div. The #header cannot contain all the stuff you have added, (img, h1, h2, etc), so it expands upwards.

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