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change jQuery toggle slide in direction?


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change jQuery slide in direction? Currently, my custom select slides in form the top left. How can I make it slide in form the bottom right? I looked, but I cannot find this simple answer. Thanks!


Here is the code... The toggle sections are bolded.


$.fn.SelectCustomizer = function(){

// Select Customizer jQuery plug-in

// based on customselect by Ace Web Design http://www.adelaidewebdesigns.com/2008/08/01/adelaide-web-designs-releases-customselect-with-icons/

// modified by David Vian http://www.ildavid.com/dblog

return this.each(function(){

var obj = $(this);

var name = obj.attr('id');

var id_slc_options = name+'_options';

var id_icn_select = name+'_iconselect';

var id_holder = name+'_holder';

var custom_select = name+'_customselect';





" + $(this).html() + "



" + this.title + "





$("#"+id_holder+ " .selectitems").mouseover(function(){



$("#"+id_holder+" .selectitems").mouseout(function(){



$("#"+id_holder+" .selectitems").click(function(){

$("#"+id_holder+" .selectedclass").removeClass("selectedclass");


var thisselection = $(this).html();








/* Fire CustomSelect */

$(document).ready(function() { $('#loginselect').SelectCustomizer();

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Thanks Ben! That seems to be a good start. I'll play with, but I already know I'm going to have some trouble integrating it. But I don't see in his examples exactly what I'm after. See in my test page here http://www.visibilityinherit.com/projects/customselect.php how the drop fades in from the top/left corner? I need it to simply fade in from the bottom/right corner. Thanks for looking!

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For items to slide in from right bottom, it's required that those items are positioned absolutely WITHIN a relatively positioned block element. Also it has to be aligned by bottom:x and right:x css.


However seeing the hidden select list is positioned absolutely but not within a relatviely positioned element, I can't see any way to achieve what you're trying to do.


However, in my opinion, a select box sliding down is much better and looks correct as opposed to sliding up. :P

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