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IE6 Issues


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Take a look at this site I am putting together:


ww w.koo lertek.com/computer-parts/pc/viewCategories.asp


I have a few issues with IE6 (*sigh*)


1. The product search on the left. I cannot enter any input.


2. Main content, there are rows of product categories. After the last row, you will see about 3px black bar just outside of it.


3. At near the bottom (just above the footer) there is a white horizontal line that shouldn't be there.


The client can live with #2 and #3 but I really to figure out why it's not working in IE6. Maybe it's just my IE6 browser?


Keep in mind that the product search has a 'cleardefault' script to clear out the default text. I still have the same problem above even if the script is disabled.



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On my ietester the input works. Although on my other ie6 the input does not work. I would try adding position relative to the input and/or it's container. Or other haslayout tricks. If still no work, I would try applying the inputs background image to a floated span instead of the input itself. I have not looked onto the bars yet.

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Your welcome. I wouldnt worry about the login much. I just finished the same type of setup with a input background image and mine doesnt work in that one IE6 of mine. But works perfect in IETester. There is nothing exotic about mine so I know there should be nothing from preventing it from working.

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