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Printing 8x10 image... Help!


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Hello, I am trying to make 8x10 image (a poster with collage pictures in it) in Photoshop, and I want to get this image printed through Wal-Mart on 8x10 paper. When viewed at 100% the image seems very large. I am not sure if this image when printed will be the exact 8x10 or if it would be larger than that. I can't figure out the right image size / pixels to set the image to get a coordinating 8x10.


Here is Image size:


Document size:

W: 8 inches

H: 10 inches


Pixel dimensions:

W: 1600 pixels

H: 2000 pixels


Resolution: 200 pixels/inch


How can I make sure that I have the 8x10 image that gets printed exactly without any automatic cropping by the printing dimensions? Could anyone please help me out? Thanks!

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