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Downloading Fonts


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Good evening K.S.

I know web safe is the best bet - however I am interested in downloading a couple of free fonts from resources at Smashing Mag. When downloading (for instance Fontin Sans) - I extract the winrar file to my desktop. When opened - it has a copy of all the fonts as seen on the page. Any idea what I am doing wrong?



As always - thank you


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I am retarded tonight - how do I copy them to my font folder?I have extracted the zip file to my font folder. How do I copy them to the folder in order for me to be able to pull them from Photoshop. Sorry for being a pain in the a..


If you unzipped them directly to your font folder, they probably are fine and installed. Restart Photoshop, and they should show up. If not, try extracting the font files to your desktop instead, and then copying/pasting them into the Windows/Fonts folder.

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I have got to be the biggest nuisance on K.S....


I am still un successful in downloading fonts. No matter which Font I attempt to download I am un successful. Here is what I am doing:



Opening with WinRar

Extracting all to Fonts folder

I open up the file in Fonts folder and it shows the font in different pixel sizes (normal)

I open up Photoshop and the font is not in my drop down


I attempted to extract to the desktop - copy and paste into the fonts folder - but it states the file already exists - replace? (I say no)


Is it the type of file I am trying to open? My resource is well known Smashing Mag..




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