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  1. If you are using MS Windows, open the Fonts folder and click on File/Install Font and go from there...
  2. That was exactly my quandary. I got the code from a very reputable (and, dare I say, very famous) site, and it confused me to no ends at first. But after your clear and concise explanation, I understand why they did it that why. I won't go into it any further and simply close with a THANKS .
  3. Clear as glass! But how does that work locally? If I'm on file:///C:/temp/file.html, for example, what part is the root? Is it file:///C: ?
  4. Hi. I'm new to web design and am currently struggling to understand a simple URL reference. I hope someone can explain it to me. I encountered the following import statement: @import "/pathxyz/abc.css" I understand that ../ references the parent folder and that pathxyz/abc.css points to the abc.css file in the pathxyz folder, but what does the starting / in the above URL point to? Am I asking the right question? What exactly is that URL saying to me?
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