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Cut and paste problem


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Are you working in Dreamweaver, and using the design view to paste the code in? If so, when you copy text from Word it comes with a bunch of default styling -- a lot of which is invalid for web design and causes display issues when it overrides your existing styling. Your best bet is to copy the text from Word, paste it into a plain text document like Notepad to remove any styling, and then copy/paste that text into Dreamweaver.


Alternatively, instead of using the "paste" command to paste content from Word, another option is to go up to Edit -> Paste Special, and select the "text only" option. I believe that will remove any Word formatting as well.

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An HTML document has ONE docytpe and one set each of html, head, and body tags. Yours has several each. There may be more errors than that, but I didn't look beyond that - it's too messy. so clean that up, then run your page through the validator, and fix whatever else shows up - and use an HTML strict doctype.

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but i was unable to find any HTML error there


have anyone found it on any line?


This is what the validator finds (showing errors): http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http://www.fazlionline.com/dilawar/


As Thelma said, it looks like most of the errors revolve around extra sets of html/head/body tags in your document.

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