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Wordpress: No paragraphs or line breaks showing in Biographical Info

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When I go to Users > Authors & Users > and then click on my username, I am trying to fill in the Biographical Info box where it says, "Share a little biographical information to fill out your profile. This may be shown publicly."


The problem is that if I try to divide my text into paragraphs, they aren't sticking. I can see in the admin that the paragraphs are there, but out on the website, it gets displayed as all one paragraph. Looking at the source code, I see that there is indeed one

at the beginning and one

at the end - nothing in between where I added line breaks.


I've posted this question on the WP forums and received no answer. Does anyone here know if there is there a way to fix this?


ETA: I forgot to mention that I've tried to physically add


tags, but they don't stick either. And there's no wysiwyg editor for this section. Hmmm...

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