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I'm not sure if you are using "&&" and "||" the way they are intended to be used in javascript. As far as I know, they are intended to be used as part of a conditional statement, like "if" or a "while" loop....


if (var1 10) for example.


If you are wanting to combine the two variables, for example, 10+20, or "cat" + "dog" you'll need to use "+". Combining booleans will give you their value (false = 0, true = 1).




I will point out that:

-- if you try to use "20 && 10", the result will always be the last variable ("10")

-- if you use " "cat && "dog" " (you need "" around the text, because they are strings) you'll get the last variable ("dog")

-- if you use "true && false", you'll get false if any one of the variables are false (order doesn't matter) and true otherwise.

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