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    About pagination

    It worked...thanks a millionnnnnnnnnnnnn!! btw: whats the difference on using mysql_fetch_row bet mysql_num_rows?
  2. jtified

    About pagination

    Hi guys! I've created a paginator and it seems like I'm getting infinite page numbers..In my sample code, I have the database "experiment" , table "specimen01" , 3 columns and 12 rows each labels has its own value, I just didn't bother to fill it up. TABLE specimen01 ================ | id | fname | lname | ================ | 1 | | | | | | | | | | | |
  3. Well, I was also thinking the same way..but I wasn't so sure if there will be a time that I need to insert an item in the beg/end of an array..LOL..and now you've said it, I got the point now..thanks a lot..great help! Have a good day. :cool:
  4. So we can insert additional items in an assoc. array in the end of the array but not in the beginning of it.
  5. @dms Tried it..none of it works..thanks anyway.. @falken I see. Guess there's no other way to do it..thanks too..
  6. Hi guys! How can I insert and array with string index or string key. Like for example <?php $example['breakfast'] = 'ham and egg'; $example['lunch'] = 'steak'; $example['snack'] = 'fish and chips'; print_r ($example); ?> this outputs: Array ( [breakfast] => ham and egg [lunch] => steak [snack] => fish and chips ) If I wanted to use array_push() or array_unshift(), HOW can I insert an item in the array "$example" that has a string index or string key of ['dinner']. Something like this: <?php $example['breakfast'] = 'ham and egg';
  7. Can you tell me what is the REAL difference of FOR LOOP and WHILE LOOP? I know both of them has to be executed until the condition is false..same thing when you're saying "It will run a specified number of times". Ive been looking around for answers over the internet but people keeps on saying that : while loop - used for looping until a condition is satisfied and when it is unsure how many times the code should be in loop <------ HUH? even in FOR LOOPS it will run until a condition is satisfied or results to false. And in FOR LOOPS you're not also sure how many times it will run,
  8. [/color] var a =10; var b = 20; result = (a && ; document.write(result);
  9. [/color] var patt1=new RegExp("e","g"); do { result=patt1.exec("The best things in life are free"); document.write(result); } while (result!=null)
  10. [/color] var str = "For more information, see Chapter"; var re = /(chapter \d+(\.\d)*)/i; <----------------- var found = str.match( re ); document.write(found );
  11. I understand now. Thank you for that!
  12. Hi there! I'm a beginner when it comes to programming thats why I want to know what ARE the differences of declaring a variable like this: function function_name(var1,var2,...,varX) { some code } TO this: function function_name() { var1; var2; varX; etc....... some code }
  13. So there's no good fix using CSS here..*sigh*. Thanks a lot though.
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