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Problems in IE


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I'm building a site for a client. I am happy with the look in firefox and safari on a mac, but it looks like crap in IE. Is there anyway someone can take a look at my css and figure out what IE doesn't like.


w ww.shane jeff ers photography.com/sid/index.html

w ww.shane jeff ers photography.com/sid/style.css


Thanks for any help.

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Two things to note here.

  • IE still does not support standards completely, so some things may be off. It may be best to look into IE Conditional Comments to deal with specific problems.
  • Are you checking on a MAC? IE stopped supporting Mac back at IE 5.2, so it seriously lacks any support for modern standards and it will need to be checked with IE6/IE7 on a windows machine if you are not. If you are, disregard and check out conditional comments.
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ewww - that was some work... throw this in your browser. You'll see that everyone plays nice now. I just commented out the bad places. I removed the large margin-right and the widths from the titles. Shortened the width on #col2, and floated it left instead. For the header image - you need to change that to a jpg or gif. It's still very messy, but it looks better now.


Untitled Document



Contact Information:



  • 2081 Tazewell Road Virginia

    Beach, VA 23455-29293


  • Phone: 757-363-9141



  • Cell: 757-650-2944


  • E-mail: esvaughn2@cox.net







E. Sidney Vaughn III, Ed.D.


Welcome to My Site

With over 20 year's experience conducting research and evaluation projects in public school settings, my experiences have included work in one surburban and two urban districts. I have also collaborated on urban research projects with a colleague at the Center for the Social Organization of Schools at The Johns Hopkins University. While currently providing part-time research and evaluation services to an urban district, I also analyzed case study data for WestEd, Los Alamitos, CA.



I am available for part-time contract work in K-12 education and have the ability to travel, if needed. I am a veteran.



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