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Check Using Firefox for MAC


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I need someone with Firefox on a MAC computer to check this page for me.


ma dcowcut lery.com/default-temp.asp (remove spaces)


The issue is the top nav. The according to one user, the About Us that should be floating to the far right is instead dropping down to the next line under Home.


The issue is how MAC treats fonts. I would have to adjust the padding to be about 24px less to get it to fit into one line. This will not be satisfactory to me because then all the Windows based browsers will have the big gap at the far right.


Does anyone know of a solution? Any type of MAC only hack? I have found a few but they were geared toward old IE5 and most are dated.

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The user is correct and you also have the same problem while using Safari and Opera while on a Mac. Could you code for Mac/Firefox and then use conditional comments to adjust for IE.

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Nada because it doesn't break for Firefox for Windows. So if I code it to make it work for Mac then it will not look right for Windows. I rather code for the 95%.


In saying, everything looks good on the PC and not the Mac regardless of which browser is being used. This brings me back to the root of the problem which is how Mac displays fonts differently than Windows.

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