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Where To Put Physical Address


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So when asking clients and others opinions on our site one of the things mentioned pretty often was having our address prominently displayed. As we are a destination based business I can see why that is important to people. We do dog training/boarding/daycare and are a private park so I'm sure when people are looking one important factor is their commute. Training classes are weekly attendance usually, whereas daycare and park users may be coming 4-6 times a week!

I currently have our address and phone number in the header but wondered if this is a waste of space and important real estate. We don't have a tagline (believe me it's NOT for lack of trying) so just have the name of the business and the address and that's it.

Would love opinions.

Here is the link to the site as it stands now (this is my practice/design site)




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As you said, the physical address for your business is essential information. I don't see any issue having it where it is.


What I see that doesn't look right to me is the 2 'home' s on the top and all that white space. Also, there should be a space between 1200 and sft, and all your bullet lines are capitalized but the last one.

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