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ThemeForest Bundle

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Hi everyone, long time no post. :)


I literally stumbled across a $20 bundle of goodies one might add to a web site or two. It's only a 3-day (birthday) offer, and was only started today, so don't forget this! In my opinion, though, that bundle is no way worth $300, but I reckon it's worth something, maybe?


There are two things you'll need to do in-order to get your hands on their stuff; one, you'll need to register, and two, you'll need to deposit monies, or in this case, pay 'em 20 digital green backs.


Just one more thing... Be prepared for an humongous download of 1GB. :o


the mefo rest .net (remove spaces)

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Thought I'd also chime in... TutsPlus (NetTuts, PSDTuts, etc) is also owned by the same company as ThemeForest, and they also are doing a bundle, though this one is free. They have a variety of tutorials, including a series on Wordpress and creating a site with the CodeIgniter PHP framework. Some look more interesting than others, but they are free, so it might be worth a look.


I believe this is only available till midnight tonight (8/20/09)



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