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A clarification... The only time I get a blank screen for the form_response file is if:


-- I haven't visited form.php first and entered information/hit submit

-- If I try to access the file directly in c:\xampp\etc rather than through localhost

-- if the server isn't turned on (and I try to access the file directly, since obviously localhost won't work)

-- If the file ends in .html rather than .php

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The code itself is fine -- it works fine for me. As I said above, can you run other PHP code correctly? Other PHP code that uses GET or POST?


For example, what happens when you view a file in localhost that has this contents:


<?php phpinfo(); ?>


That shows the contents table showing the php info.


So it is just the code for me not working. :S

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Dunno. It sounds like you are doing the right things. The code itself looks fine and runs fine on my machine. You may try reinstalling XAMPP, or removing it and installing WAMP (in general I have found that people seem to have less trouble with WAMP.)




Wait sorry, didn't see the language change at the side.

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