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  1. I'll watch a tut on what to do later as I'm having trouble setting it up right now. But the temptation of watching South Park is too strong.
  2. I don't really want to have to watch another video on WAMP. Where do you put the folders to view them from localhost?
  3. Wait sorry, didn't see the language change at the side.
  4. Will do then. Will post results.
  5. That shows the contents table showing the php info. So it is just the code for me not working. :S
  6. Yes that is the site I go to for the form. The form appears and I can fill it in and submit it and whatnot. But when I go: http://localhost/xampp/form_response.php? What I've put into my form is not shown there. Is it shown for you? (only the name of course as that's all I'm asking for).
  7. C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp I can get on the actual page, but after submitting the form I can't see the name that has been input.
  8. Indeed, I have XAMPP on my computer. I go to the location for the form and then go to the location for the the form response and still nothing. Even if the response is in my tabs and after I do my form nothing is displayed in the response part which is what I want.
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