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Form data to MySQL & Email


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This is a professional web hosting - I pay a fee once a year to www.web-mania.com.


I've been working through stephans tutorials because I want to use css and php includes in the future. I was under the impression that this was the way forward - not least of all because of the reasons you noted. Is there anyway I can activate this part of the php functionality?


I'm happy to try anything - simplicity is the key, so whatever is easy to operate, rather than easy to create.


If you could point me towards an alternative and I'll inordinately screw it up and end up back here..Once again thanks for the patience.

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"Is it unusual for a provider to not allow this aspect of php - seems like one of the fundamental benefits of php to me."


Well, take a look at the PHP page I linked to on includes, set up a quick test page and make sure that it doesn't work before making any conclusions.


That said, some hosting providers do limit what you can use, in case they think it might be a security risk. I can't see why they would restrict includes though... maybe something to ask them yourself (once you have tested, of course). I don't think there is any way to get around that restriction, except by changing hosts.

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Maybe you missed my comment in post #29 above:


"Could you perhaps do this a different way? For example, instead of generating a text file, generate a long string of text and have the user copy/paste it somewhere? If that would work, I should be able to help you with that, and hopefully it will bypass the issue."


Might be slightly more work for you, since I imagine you'd need to create a text file manually and copy/paste the data there, but that may be one way around it.

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One other comment... Did a little searching on this issue... Have you tried setting the file permissions on export.csv to "0777"?


How exactly you go about this depends... For example, I can do it either through my FTP program or through the Control Panel (Cpanel) that my host offers.


This gives instructions for two FTP programs: http://support.discusware.com/center/resources/howto/chmod.html


Basically, you just have to set the file to allow read/write/execute for owner/group/public.

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