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Open window problem (Yes, I am a rookie....)


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hope somebody knows the solution to my problem.


I want to open a photogallery in a new window, after clicking the button on the home page of course.

Now opening a new window is not the problem, the tricky part is to get rid of any and all surrounding elements, such as directory, links, scrollbars etc. etc.

I really want a BLANK window, and it seems to work with the function window.open, although even I set all the params to NO, it keeps showing the "links" bar (the space where you type in the URL) and I cannot get rid of it.


I use the following code (and IE 8 as standard browser):






Please note: see the location=no param? it doesn't do it's job.......


Is there somebody out there with a solution? It would be really appreciated.



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Dear Eric,

thank you so much for your contribution. I also tried your suggestion (as I did earlier with the one Stefan provided) but again, your solution doesn't solve my problem and the code is (except for popup.php - which program I do not have) in essence the same as mine.

Could it be my browser (IE 8) or the way it is configured?

Thanks again,


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I am, BY FAR, the least experienced one to answer you. You have heard from two of our top experts herein.


One comment: Eric's answer seems to imply working with PHP, which requires a few things. First the document needs to be saved with a .php extension rather than .html. Then it needs to be on a server that offers a "php-engine". (Most do). You can load a program like WAMP (Free.) on to your computer which will allow you to run php files locally on your home computer.


Hope I'm not "preaching to the choir!"



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OK, guys. I have PHP on the host server and on my development server here, so I am going to try it again with

the PHP extension.

Thanks for the understanding and all the help sofar.

Greetings from sunny Amsterdam (although thanks to web development is in the middle of the night right now :rolleyes:)


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