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How Do I Set Notepad++ As The Default Editor?


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I'm watching the Beginners web design tutorial video 4.12 that talks about using Notepad++ to open .txt files.

I want set Notepad++ as the default editor. I tried to set it by right-clicking on the

Shortcut and select Run As Administrator ->

Click Settings -> Preferences -> File Associations

Highlight Notepad, highlight .TXT


Also I tried clicking Control Panels -> Default Programs ->Associate a file.

But that didn't work either! Are there setting that need to set when installing Notepad++ to solve this issue??



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You can right click on a file you want... .TXT I guess. With the right mouse click you should see a menu choice pop up "Open with" and there is a check box to keep the default for the file type.


So right click on a file, choose "Open with", make sure the box is checked and use the browse button to find the Notepad++.exe on you machine and choose it.


That should make Notepad++ the default editor for that file type.

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