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....created a background .gif in powerpoint but....


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I have created a background in powerpoint that I wanted to incorporate into my website, but with a huff and Puff, I suffered the whole of yesterday to let it repeat-y, it did however repeat-x. Can one create your own images and flash items in powerpoint as part of website images.


I saved it as bg2_body.gif/jpg. (both)


thank you!

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Powerpoint isn't a graphics editing program, and really shouldn't be used for anything other than creating presentations. If you are using it to create graphics, you will probably run into issues -- the main one being that the images won't be optimized for web viewing, and will take longer to download than necessary. I don't believe it can be used to create Flash items -- that would need to be done in Flash.


If you are looking to create graphics, you are much better going with something intended to be used to create graphics, such as Photoshop or Paint.net (others may have other programs to suggest, but Photoshop is the industry standard).


That said... I'm not totally sure what your question is. I was under the impression that you had solved the issue of having a background image that repeated in this thread: http://www.killersites.com/forums/topic/179/my-background-doesnt-want-to-repeaty/

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