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  1. Hi I really need someone to give me some insight in this regard and I am running against time at this stage, please. thank you
  2. Hi How can I link to my ofline access database from out of my php form fields: the reason is to collect client info on the net and then to insert it directly into my "OFFLINE" database. Is it posable at all because I don't want to retype everything. thank you.
  3. Ok thank you very much for the info. I really appreciate this forum. I just have one last Q, how do I then have to go about understanding this http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_db_odbc.asp. Once again Tanx
  4. Ok but let me explain what the data base is for: It is for a Recruitment Agency that want's to work ofline with there data most of the time, so do I still have to do it that way?
  5. Hi, I want to know a few basic things about using MySQL in a PHP environment, but I don't know where to start: I want to make a form on the website and then save all that info of the form in my db (MS Access) that are ofline on my hard drive. I have a PHP site. Where does MySQL come in on this. Can I link the two and where do I start ? :/ I'm pretty sure it is very easy, I just missing something. Thank you
  6. Hi Thelma, Yes I know exactly what your saying, it is a big schlep at the moment, but there is a problem that needs to be sorted out between my firewall, auto update and filezilla (which my server provider recommend for uploading). So until that is sorted I'm guna have to go this route, sorry!
  7. thanx to every one above for the help. I went and change every thing but still a few things Bill suggested didn't work like: 1) my color for visited added didn't take effect 2) my change of font-family didn't take effect either here is my new code: css #menu { width: 787; height: 50px; background: url(images/title.gif) repeat-x; } #menu li { float: left; width: 131px; padding-top: 0.7em; list-style-type: none; text-align: center; } #menu ul { display: inline; } #menu a { text-decoration: none; color: #FFF; } #menu a:visited { color: #22FF00; } #menu a:focus, #menu a:hover, #menu a:active { font-family: "bradley hand itc"; } thank you in advance for the support
  8. Hi Thelma, Thank you very much, I changed it all and it still doesn't work, could there be any other cause perhaps.
  9. Testing Testing HOME ABOUT CHAT FORUM HELP CONTACT Testing Testing Testing Testing
  10. oh, ok let me try it out and see if I can make any progress on this "slow-going" site of mine. Will continue on this tomorrow. Thanx. going to bed now, goodnight.
  11. Post the link to Eric's method, and I'll take a look I don't know what you mean Ben?
  12. thanks Eric I'm guna try it out immediately. The second thing is about what Ben was mentioning about the php: I know it isn't a php page yet, but if its going to become one later by adding php code, shall I save it now already as PHP or not?
  13. firstly JBall I'm not loaded onto the server yet, I have some firewall issues. Ben your right, I don't have the code in here for the rollover, cause I took it out. But also no other image want's to appear there. I used Eric's method of rollover, given in the old forum, when I attempt to add a rollover in my page, but remove it again. I must say I don't understand how to add that code to my php page though!
  14. ok well since so many has view my post and not replied yet, I guess what I really want is so tips on the z-index please. thank you.
  15. Thanks guys! Downloaded it.
  16. created image in external program and want to insert it in2 my site, do you have any suggestions of any free small image editor for web images. Thank you.
  17. thanks, I do understand much better now. Is there any FREE basic-good editor you suggest that I can download.
  18. ok thanks Ben, could you then shortly define the diff. between ANSI vs. UTF-8 cause I'm sure I read somewhere that we have to save php files with UTF-8. :/
  19. great minds think alike, just want to know if I do save as ANSI will it affect my PHP?
  20. originally I am using notelpad, but I got DWmx demo from a friend so that I can get the feel of it, and still it gave me BOM when I opened it in DW. But I must add, in the mean while while waiting for a reply I went and opened my php & css in notepad and then resave them both under ANSI insted of UTF-8 and the BOM disappear. I then went back and change it back, and as sure as Hell, there they are again. I have manage to get my content on css back on my page, cause I was on the wrong level in my link.
  21. I went to the old forum to read up on BOM, I followed the link and still don't understand how to resolve it. Can anybody please give me a quick selotion for BOM characters at the beginning of my web page please. It seems to me it is blocking any thing after it cause I'm sitting with a blank page in front of me! I have read that people experience this problem if working with php, well I'm working with php if that can help. thank you
  22. Ja! (Afrikaans) I don't know who is still online, it is just less than 3 hours in South Africa to go! Have your selfs a good party and a really BLESSED 2009!
  23. no sorry won't be able to help any further. I'm a newbe myself:|
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