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Making Gif In Corel Draw

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Follow the instructions to create a GIF file in CorelDRAW:


1) Open CorelDRAW 7, open the file from which you want to create a GIF and do one of the following:

2) To create a GIF of an individual component of the file:

3) Click ‘Pick Tool’ Select the portion of the file you want to save as a GIF.

4) To make the entire file into a GIF, select the ‘Edit’ menu and select ‘Select All’.

5) Select the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Export…’. (The ‘Export’ dialog box appears.)

6) Select the ‘Selected only’ check box.

7) Select ‘CompuServe Bitmap (GIF)’ from the ‘Save as type’ drop-down list box.

8) From the ‘Save in’ drop-down list box, select the drive and folder in which to save the file and double-click the desired folder in the list that appears.

9) Type the name for the graphic in the ‘File name’ box and click ‘Export’. (The ‘Bitmap Export’ dialog box appears.)

10) Optional) Select the desired options in the ‘Color’, ‘Size’, ‘Resolution’, and ‘Anti-aliasing’ groups to customize the image.

11) Click ‘OK’. (The ‘ options’ dialog appears, where is the name of the selected GIF file.)

12) (Optional) Select the desired options from the ‘Transparency’ group, and select the ‘Interlace’ check box to use interlacing when loading the image.

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