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How Can I Convert My Website Asp Into A Html?


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Hello I have heard of SEO is prefer Html to Asp.

We are Trade company about Boat Accessories and Fishing Accessories.

Some months ago, i built my website by other compay.

But now, i find the website is aspx.

How can i transfer this asp to html?

Could you please give me some advice?

Thank you

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Where did you hear that HTML is "better" than ASP? That isn't true. From an SEO standpoint, a search engine doesn't care what language the site is built in -- it cares about the content on the page, how easy pages are to find and understand, how many other people link to the same page.


It really isn't possible to convert from ASPX to HTML, at least not without losing functionality. ASPX provides functionality that regular HTML can't provide -- it can do things like shopping carts, logins, remembering information between pages, storing and retrieving information in a database, etc.

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