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  1. Search engines generally how often they change, SEO how long it takes effect?
  2. Hello Some days ago, I have converted my Website ASP into HTML. I am scared that will be bad to google SEO. Whether to have an impact on SEO ? How to reduce the negative impact ? Could you please give some advice ? Thanks
  3. Hello I have heard of SEO is prefer Html to Asp. We are Trade company about Boat Accessories and Fishing Accessories. Some months ago, i built my website by other compay. But now, i find the website is aspx. How can i transfer this asp to html? Could you please give me some advice? Thank you
  4. This is Mike from China. I am a architecture designer. Also i am a Sales and Seo. I like fishing very much. I am happy to join mega seo forum. I believe i will learn much for you. Thanks
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