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Dynamically scale div according to user window resize?


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I'm a total amateur trying to figure out how to resize a div to a set percentage of the users browser - regardless of how they resize it. And I want to do it dynamically (in that it resizes as the user resizes their browser).


So far then...


I'm using the setMovie function to embed a quicktime called when clicking on a thumbnail using onClick, as in:




The code I'm using to embed is:



(Part of the preceding code I intend to wrangle into showing a title of what's playing, I hope)


It's based on the Prototype framework with the prototype script referenced at the bottom of the doc:


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Thanks, LSW... the problem is that the quicktime file either has a set height and width already, or is set to scale to it's container. Since the container div is not contained within a set dimension, the '100%' value doesn't mean much unless I can make it some %age of the users browser window height/width, right?


I have a code snippet:



But I can't get it to work.....


btw.. I'll probably get around to an iPhone redirect site at some point since it requires .m4v Quicktimes anyway.

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