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The following is a rather surprising concept that when considered makes perfect sense. It is from an Adobe PDF for developing Flex Applications (Part 3 - Structuring your applications by Rob Adams of UserEccentric.com) and works for us here as well.


When designing a fluid navigation experience, remember that any navigation should be avoided when possible. Navigation does not, by itself, do anything to help users accomplish their goals. It is a necessary by-product of using applications,similar to filling up the gas tank of your car. Filling up your tank does not directly get you to your destination any faster, but your car wouldn't run if you didn't put gas into it. Likewise, navigation actions don't directly contribute to accomplishing user goals, so they should be kept to a minimum. Users should spend their time interacting with their content or accomplishing their tasks, not bouncing around from screen to screen in our designs.

(Note: This example comes from About Face 2 by Alan Cooper and Robert Reimann (Wiley Publishing,

Inc., 2003), a book that is full of many great analogies and explanations of core application design concepts.)

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