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Superfish menu isn't working in IE


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I am really hoping someone who is good with javascript/jquery can help me out of this bind. :|


I just discovered that Internet Explorer is not showing the 3rd level of the menu.



http://tinyurl.com/cr2wmr (very much a work in progress)



I believe it's a js issue and not a css one. I've removed all js/jquery except the menu stuff and the problem still exists. I'm not sure what to do now. I know it should work because the examples on the superfish site do.




Edit to add: I just pulled up my test page that I made before integrating the CMS and they don't work there either!! How did I not see this?! Anyway, maybe there will be some clue here because it's the only js/jquery involved. http://tinyurl.com/r5bm7s

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*untested in IE*


I tested in FF using web dev and firebug. A minor rearrangement and rewrite of the CSS in


/*** Essential styles - Superfish menu (Setting the positions for the list elements etc.) ***/



.nav, .nav * {
.nav li {
   font:14px "Times New Roman", Serif;

.nav a {

   /* ---- 2nd tier --- */
   .nav li ul {/* 2nd tier hide */

   .nav li:hover ul, .nav li.sfHover ul { /* 2nd tier open */
   .nav li ul li {
       opacity:.93; /* FX/Opera/Safari/Chrome */
       -ms-filter:"alpha(opacity=93)"; /* IE8 */
       filter:alpha(opacity=93); /* IE6/IE7 */
   .nav ul li {
       width: 100%;

       /* --- 3rd tier --- */
       .nav li li ul, .nav li li ul { /* 3rd tier hide  */
       .nav li li:hover ul, .nav li li.sfHover ul { /* 3rd tier open */


Minor jQuery chage:



Probably not a big difference but I'm just posting what I use and usually works. I think the main difference will be the CSS.

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Well, I figured out the problem. I found it when I wiped out my code and tried to rebuild. Everything was working fine until I added this bit for a neat transparent effect:


opacity:.92; /* FX/Opera/Safari/Chrome */
-ms-filter:"alpha(opacity=92)"; /* IE8 */
filter:alpha(opacity=92); /* IE6/IE7 */


THIS is what was making the 3rd level links not work. I am really sad about that because the transparent effect is neat. Do you guys know of a way to make it work? I'm going to have to do some more googling....


Man, I spent most of yesterday and then this whole evening on this! :rolleyes:

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This may help you even if little bit.


it's a javascript library developed by Dean Edwards ;) I haven't used it in Production before, but apparantly it makes IE5 and IE6 behave like a standards compliant browser, and it corrects Transparent PNGs, fixes a lot of Javascript & CSS issues associated with the browsers.


Note: Use conditional comments to load this JS only on lower than IE8.

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