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I was just wondering if any of you have had a chance (and the interest) to check out my new beginners videos on Javascript? I have about 10 up there now, with more to come.


Also, any comments both positive and negative are welcome:


- are they too slow in terms of the material?

- how is the sound, loud enough?


Anything else?





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Guest mainstreetop

I am working on my own site and, as of 3-4 months ago, am new to HTML & CSS. Having been through quite a few tutorials, forums, articles... I figured I would start researching Javascript to add more design to my site. I am concerned, though, that too much Javascript might prove fruitless. From what I understand, the only way Javascript functionality can be experienced is if the visitor enables Javascript from within their browser.


Your tutorials have been quite helpful for someone like me - absolutely no programming knowledge. I appreciate you taking the time to help others understand the basics. Are you planning to continue the series? If so, I look forward to upcoming lessons.





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I do indeed plan on continuing the series, in fact, I already have a couple more ready to put out.


Happy to hear the videos were useful.


In terms of users having Javascript turned on, these days most do. All the Ajax that you see and a whole slew of other functionality, depends on Javascript .. so you should be OK.



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Guest JavaScripture

I would say most users dont know how to turn javascript off or even what it is.


Yes your videos are very easy to follow, Anyone can learn javascript now. :D


side note: you sound older then you look, if thats your real picture.


back to the point of registering; Thank you sir, keep those videos coming.

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