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Looks like you will need to set your Windows setting to allow to show file extensions. Although you saved your file as index.html it's probably adding the .txt file extension to the end of it which then would really look like this: index.html.txt which is why it's opening up in Notepad.


I'm using XP and so this is how you would get the file extensions to appear:


Click on Start then Control Panel and then Folder Options.

Click on View tab.

UNCHECK 'Hide extensions for known file types'



Now go look at your index file. You should see the .txt to the end of it. Just rename the index.html.txt file to be index.html

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Bonsai Idaho Falls








Bonsai Gallery

Bonsai Links








Contact Us





Tree Galleries




Mike's trees

Dan's trees










courtesy of Mike. Ficus



courtesy of Mike.Ficus



courtesy of Mike.




courtesy of Mike. From left to right, top to bottom. Ficus, false cyprus, locust, ?, ?.



courtesy of Mike. from left to right. false cypres, ? spruce, ficus, dwarf alberta spruce, ?




courtesy of Mike. from left to right.



courtesy of Mike. from left to right.




courtesy of Mike.



courtesy of Mike.












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I cannot help you with MySQL errors, but I can point out several HTML errors you have as well:


  • Your doctype line is missing the link
  • Meta tag and link to CSS belong INSIDE head section, not above it
  • Instead of writing: - use your external stylesheet.
  • You use " --- - Note the case discrepancy - not wrong, but source of frequent problems. It's best to consistently write all tags in lower case all the time
  • See
id="navigation"> - You don't name a closing tag.


P.S. - I just noticed that your code to the 'home' and maintenance link is incorrect, too. (Note your "s and >s)

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