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Content Problem With Cms Course


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Hi there!


Im following the CMS course and there is an error that I can't quite solve, When i'm logged in on the CMS and try to edit one editable region, it processes the edit of that region to all editable regions. For Example: I have three regions that are editable by the CMS, I click on region 1 and type in the text "test", all three regions display the word "test".


Can somebody give me pointers where to look or how to solve this problem?


Thanx in advance!

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Well is has been a couple of days. I have not taken that course or any other for a very long time. But I will try to help. Paste your PHP code and I will see if I can spot what is wrong. If you click on the icon second from the left < > it will put the code in the post in color makes it easier to read.

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Thanks Ben! I accidently copied the id's for each individual regions and for some reason didn't notice it while trying to find the problem!

I followed the CMS course in "marathon mode", therefor it probably became too much for my brain to handle at once xD


The CMS course has been super useful, at first I knew absolutely nothing about PHP and now I'm starting to get the hang of it!


And thanks to Grabenair for your effort!


Problem Solved.

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