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  1. for example: if I write into the editor: Trying to add text & images And press submit, I get: Trying to add text Also the plus sign is somehow being removed? I tried a lot of things like setting "valid_elements" and "entity_encoding" but TinyMCE is still excluding the ampersand and everything behind it.
  2. Hi, I have a problem with the CMS from the CMS course. It does not allow me to save Ampersands at all, even everything that gets placed behind it is excluded after I press submit. How and in which file do I fix this? The one with the working solution will get a small donation for his/her support (paypal)! Thanx in advance!
  3. Thanx Mantis, I will try it out! Kind Regards, HeRa
  4. Hi, I finished the CMS course and I'm trying to replace TinyMCE with it's latest version (4.0.2), but it doesn't seem to work (it doesn't load TinyMCE at all). This is what I did: - I replaced the "tiny_mce" folder with the new folder (tinymce) and updated all path names related to this file. - In "v_edit.php" I replaced the TinyMCE script with the new version and linked the necessary CSS styles as explained in the course. - In "t_head.php" I updated the link to the TinyMCE plugin. When I click on a WYSIWYG block it loads a content block with text but no TinyMCE elements. Is there anything I need to be aware of since this is a new version? I have the feeling I'm missing an important step!?
  5. Thanks Ben! I accidently copied the id's for each individual regions and for some reason didn't notice it while trying to find the problem! I followed the CMS course in "marathon mode", therefor it probably became too much for my brain to handle at once xD The CMS course has been super useful, at first I knew absolutely nothing about PHP and now I'm starting to get the hang of it! And thanks to Grabenair for your effort! Problem Solved.
  6. Hi there! Im following the CMS course and there is an error that I can't quite solve, When i'm logged in on the CMS and try to edit one editable region, it processes the edit of that region to all editable regions. For Example: I have three regions that are editable by the CMS, I click on region 1 and type in the text "test", all three regions display the word "test". Can somebody give me pointers where to look or how to solve this problem? Thanx in advance!
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