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text to xhtml for the non-techie


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As part of the website I'm working on we have what can best be described as a blog. Only we update it by hand. The organizer generally edits a simple text file (txt) which is included in a PHP document. The problem is that he doesn't know HTML so he edits it as a document and I go in after and add line breaks and a few style elements.


I'm looking for a program I can give him so that he can type as normal but saves in HTML. If it's easy enough to use I can take care of the style stuff with CSS and probably show him how to upload it properly.

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I'm glad i actually checked the links rather than dismiss yet another CMS outright. Snippetedit seems to only let you edit the raw html but cushycms aside form requiring another login sounds like the perfect solution to my problem.


You sir have my deepest thanks and gratitude.

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must have been something I was doing wrong then. Oh well CushyCMS will do the trick for now I'll keep snippet in my bookmarks in case i need it for the overhaul I'm working on.


E: I just wanted to come back and again thank you for the suggestion for CushyCMS. Now that my client is finally starting to use it it's proven invaluable. They can keep the copy updated while I work on finishing my changes.

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