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I have quite alot of data on my website. I would like to use a database program (access or foxpro) or a spreadsheet program (excel) to keep my data organized, and then have my webpages grab the data from there. What are the best tools to use for this?


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NOT Excel or ACCESS!!!


You just need hosting that supports MySQL, SQL or Oracle. Or in Theory you could use XML. Any will work.


Then you will need a query language like SQL or MySQL to query the database. Then a language that will create the web site around it. If on Linux/Apache, PHP would be best. If a windows server than ASP.net using C#.


Other than those basics is depends on what the ndata is ad how you want it.

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Thanks for the response. The server is Linux, so it supports PHP and MySQL, SQL, and i think Oracle.

Should i organize my data in FoxPro and then write the queries there?


Actually, what would be better do you know of any tutorials that would teach me this sort of thing?

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It sounds like your just doing things on your own, not as work?


W3Schools has some good simple SQL tutorials. Most everything is based on SQL. MySQL is just a SQL derivitive in both the database and the query language used. Oracle uses PL/SQL - still a SQL base language. So picking up some SQL is good all over, a key word or so may change but the basics are mostly the same.


SQL and MySQL are free so the best bet. Then you will need to pick up some basic PHP at least. The PHP takes the data your MySQL query has called up and places it in the HTML structure. HTML is the front end, PHP is the organizer, SQL is the one who calls up and stores the data from the database. Clear as mud? :|

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haha, yeah kinda muddy - but i think i can get through it.

I am a fulltime webmaster and the company i work for is just growing more and more so its time to start automating some thing instead of me spending the time keeping all this data in html! Our website started off small so i didnt have to worry about all this, but thats not the case now.

I just redid the site from a Frontpage Template site to PHP/CSS, so hopefully i can now learn SQL also!

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Oh! OK, then I would strongly suggest Webucator, it is online training and very good. I learned SQL with them at my old position and my current position uses them all the time for all of our training, so maybe your company will foot the bill. You will need a good understanding of it as Webmaster. I have corses comming up in June and July for Oracle PL/SQL with them.


It is always kind of hard to judge peoples abilities in forums if they don't come right out and say it. :)

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