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Wamp - can't access via localhost, only


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This isn't a big deal, but I do wonder why I cannot access my wamp installation via http://localhost anymore. I was able to do so a while back when I first installed wamp. But then I uninstalled wamp and installed another similar program (can't remember what it was). But just now I uninstalled everything and reinstalled wamp and now I can only access my stuff via the address. Wonder why that is?


Any thoughts?

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WAMP5 is now called Wampserver 2 and that is what I have.


During the installation you are given two options for the name, one was localhost and I can't remember what the other was but it might have been, so you may have chosen the alternative without realising it.

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Can be a number of different reasons for this.


Check your HOSTS file: WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (open it with Notepad)


do you see a line in there:       localhost


if not then add it to the bottom of the file and save it.


Or it could be a browser configuration issue. If you're using Internet Explorer then use Firefox :P

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