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Q About Framework Usage


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So i have a general question or two about using frameworks with PHP. I'm stepping into this for the first time.


When using a php framework like codeigniter would you "install" it for each website you are working on, or does one installation in the root directory suffice for all websites under that domain?


Is this the same for other frameworks like cakephp & zend?


How does one go about installing a framework if they intend to work on multiple websites within the root?


Let me know if i need to clarify this more, I'm not sure if I'm being clear enough in my questioning.



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I can really only speak for CodeIgniter, since that's the once I'm most familiar with. I imagine it is slightly different for other frameworks, so you'd need to research each framework individually to see what their best practices are.


CodeIgniter comes with a couple main folders: "system", "application" and "public_html". Contents of the public_html folder needs to be publicly available, within your web hosts "public_html" folder or similar. "Application" and "system" can be stored "below" the public_html folder on the server, and that's actually considered a best practice so those files aren't publicly available online. For CodeIgniter, you can share the "system" folder between multiple sites on the domain, but you'd need separate "public_html" and "application" folders.


Hope that helps?

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Hmmm. So separate "public_html" and "application" folders for each website which i assume would be located under the particular website folder? I'm not actually doing this at the moment I'm just trying to get a better grasp of a Codeigniter installation and It's relationship to multiple websites on the root directory.


All the tutorials i have seen so far only seem to discuss using it with one website per installation, so that's why i was asking. I will look into this more.


Thanks, Ben.

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