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  1. Both CMS wordpress and joomla are best CMS. This CMS makes the easily make attractive and beautiful. It is a open source means that person can easily makes changes and modification in the web site.
  2. Well, There are two ways of learning web design that is traditional course and online training. As per my view of online training is best and effective for learning the web design. Even many companies are offering such training courses for their employes.
  3. You can design the site in two ways that is Table design and Table-less design. Beginners can go for table design. 100%width is to be given to the outer most and div. There are many templates that doesn't fit to resolution using background color fill extra space can be hidden and in this case no need to use 100% height.
  4. Definitely you can go for CSS3 and HTML5. It is safe to be use on the site and can be used with other technologies. It is now a days display used as technology known as ideal unifying.
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    Andrea Thanks for welcoming me. I will definitely here to gain and share the knowledge. And for good conversion. Have a nice day!
  6. For Web designer one must the basic concept of programming language. Starting from the base of programming you have to learn. Also try to learn the OOPS concept. After knowing the concept of OOPS you can learn any of the programming language.
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    Hello, Everybody I am madelinekim belongs to india. I am new bie for this community. I am so much glad to be member of this site. Hope I will gain and explore the knowledge.
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