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  1. 2 thumbs up for s wordpress plugin creation video series. I am still writing procedural code for my wp plugins so it would be really cool if you could release a practical video course on "How to Pimp your wordpress plugins with OOP & MVC design patterns". Merry Xmas btw.
  2. if you can post your code for this I'll take a look at it.
  3. This has been resolved by replacing COUNT(domain) AS domain_count On second line with COUNT(DISTINCT domain) AS domain_count without using DISTINCT on COUNT It seems to be counting my domains again which in turn gives me the incorrect number. I don't fully understand why it was behaving like this but at least it is finally working the way I intended.
  4. Hi I'm hoping someone here can help me resolve this problem. I think I'm almost there I'm just missing something that I've overlooked. What I'm trying to do is create one custom MySQL table out of 3 existing MySQL Tables. This is what I've come up with... SELECT proj.p_id, proj.p_name, proj.p_status, COUNT(domain) AS domain_count, SUM(IF(pt_status = 3 , 1, 0 )) AS published_posts, SUM(IF(pt_status = 2 , 1, 0 )) AS approved_posts, SUM(IF(pt_status = 1 , 1, 0 )) AS queued_posts, SUM(IF(pt_status < 1 , 1, 0 )) AS declined_posts FROM wp_cglg_projects proj LEFT JOIN wp
  5. Nothing is going to sink in completely unless you go through the whole process yourself. Luckily there some free video tutorials on the forum. http://www.killersites.com/community/index.php?/topic/4525-php-login-training-tutorial-–-part-1/ It's not a full complete series of the php login system but it should help you on your way to understanding the process.
  6. Never used genesis so not to sure what to look for off top of my head. Instead of creating one big long header with background put that header background image into the BODY. And leave header in wrapper and change width of header to 960px; this may be helpfull post. http://webdesignerwall.com/tutorials/how-to-css-large-background and if you want to get rid of your horizontal scroll bar. A Quick fix is to put.. overflow-x: hidden; in HTML BODY tag. But horizontal scrollbar will go when you change the 1400px widths. Just trial and error.
  7. OK Here is something to get you started... I saw that in original form your submitting your forms data to to "reservation.php" in my example below i'm submitting form back to itself. But if you want to submit form data to 'reservation.php' you will just probably need to do your form validation within the 'reservation.php' file. PHP <?php $input['name'] = ''; $input['last_name'] = ''; $input['phone'] = ''; $input['email'] = ''; $input['guests'] = ''; $input['comments'] = ''; $error['name'] = ''; $error['last_name'] = ''; $error['phone'] = ''; $error['email'] = ''; $error['m
  8. If your going to do it this way then you may need to nest a series of if else statements inside your first if statement (ie where you check if your form is submitted.) if(isset($_POST['submitted'])){ $errors = array(); } I'll try to explain... When you first load page in broswer PHP is first going to check if your form is submitted. Obviously your form will not be submitted when you first load page. So PHP will return false on first conditional check. This means your first if statement will be ignored. PHP will continue to your next if statement... if(!empty($_
  9. Ok Try this from what I tested it seems to work ok in firefox v6.02 although I'll leave it up to see if it works in other major browsers. This will stop the floating text box from overlapping your image when you resize the browser window. Which I think is what you want. everthing else should look the same. This shouldn't expand your wrapper I think. first try to restructure your html move the #floater HTML DIV inside <div id="wrapper"></div> like this: <div id="wrapper"> <div id="header"> <h2> Artistic nature photography</h2>
  10. have you tried placing the div#floater inside your div#wrapper?
  11. Hello everybody, I've been a full member of killer site uni for a few months now and I'm learning quite a lot due to the content provided in the killer site members area; Presently I'm trying to develop a wordpress plugin and I've ran into a challenge that is has hurt my head for the last few days. What I'm trying to accomplish is to create a separate view out of the three MySQL tables below so that my php application can loop through and display it on page. I'm working on my localhost WAMP and working with MySQL via the terminal. I would really appreciate if some MYSQL exper
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