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  1. hi all, I set a random background images through PHP <body style="background-image:url('bgimages/<?php echo rand(1, 4); ?>.jpg' ); background-attachment:fixed;"> . but background images are not fixed when i zoom out the webpage the background image also decresing. i want to fix the background image but i cant. please help me. sorry for bad english. Thanks.
  2. I had build a small website.That is www.bestgreengold.com. I want to remove the space in the bottom of website, iam unable to remove the space at the bottom of the website. please check it.
  3. Happy Birthday to you

  4. Thank you for Your response wickham. I am learning that new things now.Thank u.
  5. use <div style:"clear:both; height:1px"> </div> option after floated columns.
  6. happy birth day to u

  7. u should be mention width and height of an image in css
  8. many more happy birth day to u

  9. happy birthday to u

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